Learn to ‘Swim without Stress’ in our beautiful indoor swimming pool

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Overcome your fear of water and/or learn to swim with better techniques.

The harder you try to compensate for your difficulties in water, the less enjoyable and beneficial swimming becomes. Swimming Without Stress helps you learn to trust the water so that it helps you move. Following the principles of The Alexander Technique and The Shaw Method, lessons focus on relaxing your neck, breathing easily and letting the water support you; gliding through the water instead of struggling against it.

Our professional swimming teachers, Ian and Cheryl, have taught hundreds of non-swimmers to enjoy swimming. If you are afraid of water, your relationship with it is likely to change from the first lesson.

We have helped an equal number of practising swimmers become more at home and efficient in water, happier about the process of breathing and able to swim for fitness. If you want to swim in triathlons and swimming is your weakest discipline, we can show you how to swim without exhausting yourself for the rest of the race.

Author of Swimming without Stress Ian and Cheryl Cross run residential courses throughout the year at Croft Farm and Celtic Cottage’s beautiful swimming pool, in North Pembrokeshire.

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