Eco Story

Doing our bit to use the Earth’s resources more intelligently
while offering you a superb eco holiday

It seems obvious that we should look after our planet, make the best use of natural resources, and share our good fortune with others via our eco holiday ethos. We not only want to inspire the younger generation to look after wildlife but also look to make them conscious of not taking the environment for granted through interacting in fun ways at Croft Farm. Recently we were awarded the Green Tourism’s prestigious Silver Award for our commitment towards going green!

We are not where we would like to be, there will always be more to do. However here are current ways we put our sustainable vision for your eco holiday into practice:

Our long-term vision is to continue to work towards becoming carbon neutral by 2030. This may be a bit of a pipe dream;
however, we seek to invest in some of the following in the future to help this
become a reality: