It’s Official – The Pembrokeshire Coast is One of the Best in the World!


Pembrokeshire CoastPembrokeshire is a wonderful place. Its unspoilt scenery and rich, varied landscape mean that many of our guests come back year after year.


Recently we were delighted to discover that National Geographic had rated Pembrokeshire as the second best coastal destination in the world. The list rated Pembrokeshire above some of the world’s most sought after destinations including Australia, Hawaii and Chile.

For people who’ve not been to Pembrokeshire before, it’s difficult to convince them that this really is one of the most beautiful places on earth. For some reason people don’t want to believe that these places are right on their doorstep. Well, this recent list proves it. Pembrokeshire is right up there with the best of them.


What is especially encouraging about National Geographic’s article is its focus on the long term sustainability of the Pembrokeshire National Park. One of the comments of the judging panel was that Pembrokeshire is an area of outstanding natural beauty which the local tourism industry has ‘preserved, rather than eroded’. So, not only is Pembrokeshire one of the top coastal destinations in the world, but it’s also likely to stay that way.


The coastline that beat Pembrokeshire to the #1 position was the Avalon Peninsula on the Newfoundland coast. This coastline, which is located at the far north eastern edge of America, was praised for its, “close-knit communities, strong local culture […] and unspoiled scenery”. One panellist described their visit as ‘like going back in time’.


Though it is a shame that Pembrokeshire didn’t make it to the #1 spot, the thought that there is a coastline more beautiful than Pembrokeshire does give us some inspiration for our next holiday!


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