Our Toddler and Child Friendly Facilities

Spotlight On Our Toddler and Child-Friendly Facilities Here At Croft Farm & Celtic Cottages

Our passion here at Croft Farm & Celtic Cottages is to provide family-friendly, cottage holidays, where the stresses and strains of the everyday are left aside – and both you AND your children can relax, have fun, and create precious holiday memories that last a lifetime.

We understand that one of the secrets to parents having a great holiday is making sure the children are having a great holiday too. Nobody wants to hear the dreaded words ‘I’m bored’!

So with that in mind, we’ve taken care to provide child-friendly facilities, that really allow kids to join in, have new experiences, make new friends, get close to the animals and outdoor lifestyle, let off steam in the play areas, and have splashy fun in the pool.

Here’s a spotlight of everything we have on site – for toddlers, kids and teens (and the big kid in all of us!)…


For the Toddlers

At this age it’s busy busy busy, they want to explore everything, and you want them to be able to do that in a safe and fun way. We’ve got you covered!

In the rustic Big Play Barn we’ve got our indoor play area. For the toddlers there’s the sand pit to get digging, and the ride on trucks to whizz around on. If they fancy a pit-stop, we also have the hand painted shops and garage – perfect for tots to investigate.

softplay area at Croft Farm
Lots of fun for toddlers in our soft play area!

Within the luxury leisure complex there’s space for the youngest family members to enjoy the Soft Play area – just right for rolling babies and crawling toddlers. This padded area has giant soft shapes, perfect both for the budding builders and artistically creative minds.  Conveniently, the pool table is here to encourage the dads to babysit, giving mums a much needed break (it works too!).  Alternatively, there are also comfy chairs if you’d rather relax and watch instead.

The Kids’ Zone

It’s time to let your kids’ imaginations fire up. In the Big Play Barn we have a street of handmade delights, including the wooden Wendy House, Catriona and Evie’s shop, and Jack’s Garage – perfect for keeping shop, playing house, and garage adventures!

Nearby, still within the Big Play Barn, is Pets’ Corner – always a firm favourite with our younger guests. With the cages set at the perfect height to peek in, your kids can watch the antics of the guinea pigs and rabbits. Or, how about pulling up a chair and having a cuddle? We encourage the children to enjoy handling the pets and learning more about them.


Fun for all ages in the Big Play Barn
Fun for all ages in the Big Play Barn

Teens & Big Kids’ Zone

We know how much big kids and teens (and adults who are still kids at heart) love a good competitive game when it’s wet outside. Get the topspin going with a game of table tennis, pick your colours for a match of table football, or limber up for some air hockey – it’s all in good spirits!

For a more sedate game you can chalk up your cue and enjoy a game of pool / snooker / billiards.

The Indoor Pool for Splashy Fun

Our luxury indoor heated swimming pool is open all through the year.  The wide Roman-style steps make for easy access into the shallow end (0.9m deep) so it’s very child friendly and perfect for those just getting started with swimming, those who may secretly be a bit fearful and for more experienced swimmers as well.

Regular swimming during your holiday is a lovely way to spend time in the pool with your toddlers and older kids, building their confidence, without the overwhelming noise and rush of a large public pool.

The heated indoor swimming pool
The heated indoor swimming pool




Hearty appetites and a good night’s sleep are on the cards after your children have played hard on our outdoor Adventure Playground. There’s a wooden house, slides, swings, rope nets and monkey bars to swoop, scramble and swing your way around.

Remember seeing who can swing the highest?  There are also swing baskets for babies and toddlers and even a slide for little beginners too.

There’s plenty of room to run around – 6 acres altogether! Unravel that kite you’ve been meaning to get airborne, or get the bikes out on the safety of the farm path – there’s plenty of space for it.

If ball sports are your thing we’ve added goals for rugby and football, so whether it’s grownups versus kids, boys v girls, or an impromptu gathering from several of our cottages, there’s always someone to have a practice with.

Let your children experience being a mini-farmer for the week. Every morning at 9.30 your kids can join in with the morning rounds of feeding the animals. With the Jacob sheep; the large friendly goats called Dave and Billy and their pygmy goat friends too; Jessie and Eeyore the donkeys; Kune Kune and Potbellied pigs:  They’re all eagerly awaiting a visit from you, with a bucket of their special feed.  It’s a great way for your kids to get close to the animals and see what characters they are! And if you miss the morning feeding – no problem – they still love a fuss later in the day too.

Pets' Corner, and feeding the farm animals
Pets’ Corner, and feeding the farm animals

At the end of a long day there’s nothing nicer than rounding it off with good food and good company – be that the family and friends you’ve come with, or new friends you’ve made at Croft during your stay. Each of our cottages has its own outdoor space with a BBQ, (some have a private garden) so you can have a social cook-up and watch the sun going down, if that’s what you enjoy.

As you can see, we have taken great care to provide all the ingredients for your kids to enjoy fun, adventure and friendship on a holiday here with us at Croft Farm & Celtic Cottages (not to mention the nearby sandy beaches too!)

Whether you have tiny tots, bigger kids or teens there’s something for everyone.

If you’d like to find out more about our cottages and availability please click HERE for details of our cottages, and HERE for availability. Alternatively you can call us on 01239 615179 and we’d be very happy to help.

We look forward to seeing you soon!