Take a trip back in time to Castell Henllys for a Family Day Out

We all know that finding things to do on your holiday that the whole family will love can sometimes be difficult. There’s no need to worry though as we think we have found the perfect family day out. Take a trip back in time to Castell Henllys Iron Age Village! We think you and your whole family will love it as there is so much to see and do!


Where is Castell Henllys

Castell Henllys Iron Age Village is just under a ten-minute drive away from Croft Farm perfect for a family day out. Castell Henllys is owned and run by the Pembrokeshire Coast National park Authority and sits right in the heart of the park. The Iron Age roundhouses sit on a beautiful crop of land with tremendous views of the surrounding countryside. 


The History of Castell Henllys

Castell Henllys is a very special place as it is one of the only places you can go to that have Iron Age roundhouses that have been reconstructed in the exact place they were 2,000 years ago. Upon entry to Castell Henllys and the Iron Age roundhouses you will be able to see four roundhouses and a granary. These were all reconstructed with incredible accuracy and have been rebuilt in the exact place they were built. This is only made possible by the decades of archaeologist studies that have found evidence of the exact location of the roundhouses. 


What would Castell Henllys have looked like 2,000 years ago?

Castell Henllys would have been home to a wealthy family, who would have led a community of about 100 people. The central fire would have been at the heart of the community, where many would get warmth, light, and heat for cooking. The fire probably would have burned all day long and been surrounded by the tribe telling stories, singing and dancing, and much more. 

Outside, warriors would have protected the tribe from raiders using weaponry such as spears and swords. They would also use their weapons to hunt to find food for the tribe to eat. Occasionally, blacksmiths would have travelled to Castell Henllys to give the tribe weapons. 

The people in the tribe would have been extremely resourceful, hardworking team members. Working together to make food and clothing for the tribe would have been of incredible importance. During your family day out to Castell Henllys make sure you keep an eye out for Iron Age villagers who will be able to provide you with some more insight into what life would have been like. 


The Wildlife at Castell Henllys 

The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority works hard to maintain the wildlife habitats on the Castell Henllys site. There are so many different creatures who inhabit the space at Castell Henllys. This means during your family day out you will get to experience so many different species. 

Dormice can be spotted in the ancient coppiced hazel woodland, Pipistrelle bats inhabit the roof of the shop and Otters live in the Duad and Hafren streams. There is some form of wildlife for you to spot on your family day out no matter where you are. 


The Barefoot Trail

The barefoot walking trail is the first of its kind in Wales and allows you to walk in the footsteps of Celtic Warriors. The trail runs alongside the River Nant Duad with eight different surfaces to walk on. Some of the different surfaces are woodchippings, clay, and flint gravel, all providing a wonderful sensory experience we think your children will love!

There is also another trail that runs alongside the barefoot trail which is pushchair and wheelchair accessible. This also allows you to skip any sections of the barefoot trail you don’t want to walk on. At the end of the trail, there are some steps down to the river which allows you to rinse off your feet before putting your shoes back on. 


The Visitors Centre and Cafe

End your family day out in the visitors centre with a trip to Caffi’r Caban (welsh for The Cabin Cafe), the perfect place for a bite to eat. Visit the gift shop to buy some souvenirs to remember your trip by. Or head over to the interactive exhibitions and play area to get rid of all of your children’s energy before you leave. 

Castell Henllys is an interesting family day out with something to interest everyone, from exploring the roundhouses, walking the barefoot trail and visiting the interactive exhibitions. Castell Henllys makes learning about the history of the Iron Age roundhouses fun and exciting and we think you’ll love it! Make sure you book your space before you go to avoid disappointment.