Celebrations as Croft Farm & Celtic Cottages is awarded the Green Tourism Silver Award

We’re delighted to announce that we are now the proud recipients of the prestigious Silver Award from Green Tourism here at Croft Farm & Celtic Cottages

As a tourism business we have become increasingly aware of the need to reduce our carbon footprint and provide cottage holidays that offer a more sustainable and eco friendly experience.  So for a few years now we have been actively taking steps to reduce our impact on the environment and consider the best way forward to help protect our planet.

Some of the ways we have become more ‘green’ or environmentally friendly on the day to day running of the business have included carefully choosing our cleaning products, the light bulbs we use, and increasing recycling facilities.  Most recently we have completed the installation of a new centralised Biomass Boiler and Heating System for the main site.

As you can appreciate a lot of grey cells were required for the puzzle-solving of how to convert an already established and individually heated holiday cottage site over to a centralised system heating a number of buildings and an indoor pool.  A new build from scratch would have been considerably easier in some ways!

We now have two large, wood pellet fired boilers and their feed hoppers that heat an extremely large tank of water and maintain it at a constant high temperature.   This water in turn feeds into a daisy-chain pipe system that runs a metre below the surface of the ground between each property on a flow and return basis.  The result is that by simply burning wood pellets we are able to supply ALL of the heating and hot water to the 9 cottages and the indoor heated swimming pool and Leisure Building on site at Croft Farm.  Each holiday cottage now has a quietly running heat exchanger unit supplying the central heating and hot water tank, replacing the noisier and less eco friendly oil fired combi-boiler.

It has been particularly rewarding for us to see the amount of interest generated in our guests as we have been installing the system.  Now that the biomass boilers and cottage heat exchangers are fully operational it’s a pleasure to talk with our guests about the system and its significance.  People young and old are more planet aware and many have said that they would be inclined to favour a holiday with us at Croft Farm & Celtic Cottages over a holiday somewhere that wasn’t making an effort to ‘do its bit’ as an environmentally responsible business.

At the end of the day we all want a planet which is vibrant, healthy and sustainable for our families going forward, and we’re proud to say that here at Croft Farm & Celtic Cottages, in our corner of green and gorgeous West Wales, we are striving to do our best to achieve that!

If you would like to find out more about our holiday cottages, and our availability and special offers, please feel free to check our Availability , or give us a call in the office on 01239 615179 and we would be happy to help.

Hope to see you soon!