Feeding the Farm Animals at Croft Farm and Celtic Cottages

Feeding the Farm Animals at Croft Farm and Celtic Cottages – New Video

We’ve been enjoying some lovely weather in the run up to Easter!

One of the favourite activities our guests enjoy is the daily feeding of the farm animals here at Croft, with Andy and Mal.

Each morning at 9.30 we meet by the “Animal Kitchen” and fill up the buckets with the different food for each of the animals – the Angora goats, the Jacob sheep, the pigs, the 2 mischievous donkeys, our chickens and ducks, and last but not least the pony! As you can imagine – they have a keen sense of when breakfast time is, so they are always VERY pleased to see that feeding time has arrived!

This week our guests very kindly agreed that we could take some photos of them enjoying themselves feeding the animals – and thankfully the sun came out just at the right time for us!

So here’s the video we made from our little photo-shoot. Take a look, and you’ll be able to see how much our younger guests especially have so much fun each day doing this:

Feeding the Farm Animals at Croft – Farm Holidays

Or if you’d prefer you can watch it on Youtube at : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEZMqpDPggk

Chatting to the guests afterwards, it was lovely to hear some of the Mums and Dads saying how much they appreciate this opportunity for their children to get close to the farm animals, in a safe and fun way. Feeding them, popping over later in the day to check up on them, stroking them, and just being around them – it’s a very rewarding way for their children to interact with the animals.

Also, something which we often see is how the children from different families staying here become friends through this activity – with the older children often helping the younger ones with the feeding.

So, enjoy the video – and if YOU would like to come to Croft to enjoy a family-friendly farm holiday, do check out our availability and offers here on the website, or call us on 01239 615179 for a chat about which of our cottages might suit you best.