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Toddler Zone

Keep the toddlers toddling off their feet…

“…anything bad to say? Yes, it’s too long ‘til our next visit”

helfot on Tripadvisor, from Eastbourne

Toys for the tots…

Big Play Barn – ride on toys, shops and a sandpit

Check out the wheels here.  Ride on trucks are just the best thing when you are 2, 3, or 4 years old.  Your children can whizz about to their heart’s content in the rustic but fun Big Play Barn.  It’s what every Play Barn should look like.  And if they tire from running, or pedalling around, then the sand pit is a great option for tired legs.

Leisure complex – soft play area
Within the luxury leisure complex there’s space for the youngest family members to enjoy the Soft Play area – just right for rolling babies and crawling toddlers. This padded area has giant soft shapes, perfect both for the budding builders and artistically creative minds.  Conveniently, the pool table is here to encourage the dads to babysit, giving mums a much needed break (it works too!).  Alternatively, there are also comfy chairs if you’d rather relax and watch instead.