Swimming Without Stress

Learn to Swim without Stress

A message from Ian and Cheryl, owners and instructors at Swimming Without Stress: At Croft Farm and Celtic Cottages, you’re a long way from the usual distractions, with time and space for new experiences. With a clear head, you’re ready for a new approach to learning to swim, whether you’re a non-swimmer or coming to improve technique. You’ll have the pool to yourself for our one to one lessons. We’ll be in the water with you, using our hands-on approach to guide you through new movements. With weekly swimming lessons, momentum can be lost and half the lesson can be spent getting back to where you were last week. With an intensive swimming course from Swimming Without Stress, especially with a practice between lessons, you can make a great deal of progress in a short space of time. Have a look at our website www.swimmingwithoutstress.co.uk for more about our one-to-one swimming lessons or give us a call on 07795 498420 mentioning this website. Alternatively, phone Croft Farm & Celtic Cottages on 01239 615179.

Swimming without Stress – excerpts from the latest blog:

‘Conquer your fear of water’ might be a useful marketing slogan but it comes from the same kind of end-gaining thinking as ‘master your front crawl’. Ian’s latest blog below explains. Anyway, if you’re hoping to do either, we have one available date before October half term: 21st September. Andy and Sylvie at Croft Farm and Celtic Cottages have been working round the clock for the last few months, so that they can provide safe and healthy holidays, within the restrictions set by the government, as soon as they’re able to. Their cottage doors are reopening tomorrow. One of the measures they’ve put in place for us in the pool (from September) is no back-to-back lessons. So, if you have an hour in the morning and/ or afternoon, there’ll be nobody having a lesson before or after yours. Which means our prolonged period of having nothing much to do continues into the near future. Read the full blog on the Swimming without Stress website here.

“A huge thank you to you both. I have totally exceeded what I hoped to achieve during the stay and have finally overcome a 50-year phobia. No mean feat and thanks to your Alexander Technique approach but very importantly, lovely teaching style.” Lynn, Amersham